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Private communities are being built across India and globally as traditional communities built around religion, physical location and trade are being disrupted. New age digital first communities focused on hobbies and learning interests are gaining traction.

Leap.Club is one of those exciting private communities that is shaping the landscape of India. Only a year after its founding, Leap.Club has 1000 paying members and more than 8000 people in the waitlist.

But this is not a one-off phenomenon.

The Quorum, a Members Only Club in Gurgaon, has more than 700 members paying them Rs. 75000 per year. Makerpad, an online paid community of No-Code enthusiasts was recently acquired by Zapier for millions of dollars.

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Ragini Das, Co-Founder Leap.Club

Well, to dig deeper into the world of Private Communities, we have Ragini Das, Co-Founder of Leap Club, a Private network for Women.


An Army Kid, Ragini traveled the length and breadth of the country before starting her career at Trident. She then went on to work at Zomato and was part of the team that conceptualized Zomato Gold. Last year, she co-founded Leap Club and has had an interesting journey scaling Leap Club to 1000 Paying members and with 8000 more members in the waiting list.

We talk to her about the workings of Leap and the opportunities in this space.