Automate Your Business With Easy to Learn Tools, No Coding Needed!

We'll guide you on how you can automate your business over 5 weekends and 5 projects - No Coding Needed! A few hours on the weekends to get your business ready for the digital era.

Team collaborating using no code tools
Technological solutions are costly, complex & difficult to customise

You're Probably Thinking ... "Technology Solutions are Costly & Complex - my business doesn't need it"

Technology is no longer an option for Businesses, offline businesses will perish in the long term.

Digitised SME's grow 2x faster than offline businesses - KPMG/Google Report

B2B and B2C customers are demanding digital services even from micro-businesses.

Technology is no longer Costly & Complex - you can find easy to learn, cost effective solutions for complex business problems.

Leverage the Power of No Code Tools & Digitise your Business

The only way for your business to survive & thrive in the digital era is to embrace technology - you don't have to be a Techy to use technology. We will guide you to automate your business using no code tools. We've spent years learning and implementing these same tools to automate our own businesses - watch this YouTube video where we discuss some of our own implementations.

Easy to Customise

Do you want to manage inventory for a Car Dealership? Or perhaps you want to track your customers in your export business. You can easily customise for your needs.

Cost Effective

Rather than paying truckloads of money to an ERP software that you can't customise, you can use cost effective tools for specific functions.

Easy to Learn

No code tools have no coding and thus a much easier learning curve. You can easily build your own website over a weekend with a no code website builder

Who Is This Course For?

SME Business Owners

Automate your business processes without any coding or high costs! Take the stress away from operations and focus on long term growth.

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First Time Founders

Confused about the tools and processes you need to use for different functions? You'll learn the perfect tools for every function at your new business.

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Sales & Business Executives

Learn how to get more hot leads fed straight into your sales pipelines around the clock. Automate your sales and marketing processes. Build new tools for your business and get noticed!

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Business Consultants

You need to be at the forefront of technology so that you can build the best products & processes for your clients. Don't be left behind.

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Who is Guiding Your Digital Transformation?

With combined 20+ years of experience in digitally transforming businesses, we've spent 1000+ hours using these no code tools to automate our own businesses.

Sahil Khandwala
Course Founder

Leading his family business of manufacturing & exports with a focus on digitally transforming a 75 year old business.

Siddharth Betala
Course Founder

Worked with billion dollar businesses, SME's and startups across the US, India and SE Asia to transform the businesses using technology and build efficient processes.

All You’ll Ever Need to Know to Automate Your Business

We've interviewed dozens of SME Business owners to figure out the pain points in their business. We've built this course outline with a focus on the most common problems faced by Businesses today.

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Week 1 - Introduction to No Code & Basics of Automating Digital Marketing

The first step to digitally transform your business is to figure out current processes. This week we'll help you map out your own Internal As-Is Processes. We'll also start with the basics of digital marketing including AI Copy Writing, Landing Pages, Lead Magnets, Automating Email Marketing, Google Ads & more. Project: Build a landing page, connect it with email automation and build an automated email marketing campaign.

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Week 2 - Sales Automation

We discuss the best products, templates & processes for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Internet Telephony, Meeting Schedulers & more to make your sales easier & faster! Project: Build a Basic CRM to improve your sales effectiveness.

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Week 3 - Going Deeper into Digital Marketing + Website Building

We start with the tools needed for SEO and keyword research and dive straight into website building! We'll explore the different tools available for website building including Webflow, Bubble, Softr, & more! Project: SEO Optimise the Landing Page you built in Week 1 & Integrate into your CRM.

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Week 4 - Automating Operations

A look at various tools and systems to automate operations for Product & Service companies. Notion templates will be made available to improve project management and tracking along with inventory & production tracking software for ecommerce and offline businesses.

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Week 5 - Tying It All Back Togethr

Digital transformation does not happen in silos. Marketing, Sales & Operations need to talk with each other in order for the new automated business to work in unison. In this week, we'll look at how you can use Zapier and other tools to ensure smooth working and some change management techniques to ensure adoption throughout your organisation.

That's not it! Here's More

Some bonuses awaiting you once you grab the course.

Hands On Implementation

Weekly 30-60 minutes calls with Sahil & Siddharth for hands-on help with implementation.

Process Templates & Implementation

Step-by-step process on how to write your own AS-IS processes with our templates and figure out process deficiences.

CRM Best Practices

CRM best practices and templates to improve your sales effectiveness.

Financial MIS

Financial MIS templates to improve your dashboarding and analysis of your financial statements.

Project & Inventory Tracking Templates

Notion and Grid templates to improve project management and production/inventory tracking.

Like-Minded Community

Access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs who are also looking to automate their business.

Early Bird Pricing

Cohort 1 Starting in August We've distilled 1,000+ hours of our learnings as entrepreneurs & consultants into a 5 week journey to help you digitise your business. We are taking only 10 students in our First Cohort so that we can focus all our attention on their problems and help with implementation. We'll work closely with these 10 people in the First Cohort to shape the future of this course.

₹50,000 ₹20,000
  • 1st Cohort Will Shape the Curriculum
  • Lifetime access to future cohorts & course material
  • 1 on 1 sessions with the trainers to help with implementation
  • Access to a community of entrepreneurs on a similar journey
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