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The Indian Dream is a top rated Business & Entrepreneurship Podcast on Apple, Spotify, etc.. At The Indian Dream, we tell you the stories of the bootstrapped, long term thinker, risk-taker Entrepreneur because the country needs to be told that there's also a way to build long term value generating businesses in the era of VC funded hyper-growth engines. We wish to use these voices to showcase the strength of the Indian entrepreneurial spirit that forms the backbone of the nation. This is an exhaustive list of all the Podcast interviews that we've done at The Indian Dream. These podcasts include Founder Interviews, Trends Interviews and Business Munchies discussions.

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Do you have war stories building your business from scratch? Those stories that you love telling your friends & family over the dinner table. With the media's obsession over VC funded darlings, we're forgetting how 99% of businesses are built - through a lifetime of hard work and not just a blank cheque from an investor. We're trying to create a repository of these stories so that the next generation has the resources and frameworks on how to build great bootstrapped businesses. We would love to share YOUR stories with the world!