Digital Marketing for B2B Manufacturers with Sahil Khandwala

Our first episode is a conversation with Sahil Khandwala, co-host at The Indian Dream podcast and Director at Axis Electrical Components. We use his experience in digital marketing for SME B2B Manufacturers to discuss this oft ignored space in sales & marketing. Digital Marketing is a fast growing but misunderstood tool where B2B manufacturers can make massive gains in brand building and sales. In this episode, we discuss the following initiatives taken by Sahil to grow his brand in the online space.

  • YouTube Marketing for B2B Manufacturers
  • Tools for Keyword Research
  • The importance of Content Writing
  • Using alternative Lead Generators, Gated Content, and more to draw traffic to the website. 

Links to stuff we discuss in the podcast:

Axis Electricals Blog
Axis Electricals YouTube Page
Neil Patel's Ubersuggest Tool - Perfect for Keyword research
Sahil's LinkedIn Page
You can check out Sahil's long form article on how a small and medium business can build a content creation engine for their own business.