Business Munchies: Creating Trust for SME's, Bronze Busts of Modi, Course Clubs to replace Book Clubs

Sahil (@sahil071) and Siddharth (@sidbetala) talk to Sajal Khanter, former investment banker and current founder of The Boring News Co - a newsletter that brings you daily news without any sensationalism. Check them out!

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(0:36) - How do you create trust in SME's using a Social Media or Marketplace model?

(11:04) - Creating Bronze Busts of business leaders like Ratan Tata or other super famous people like Narendra Modi

(20:54) - Discussion about the surprising profitibality of Food Delivery Apps

(24:55) - Food Business Called 50/50 with Unhealthy and Healthy variant of dishes sold through carts.

(33:14) - Course Clubs as replacements for Book Clubs

Business Ideas we Discussed:

  1. Creating Trust in SME's: There is a major trust deficit in the SME space when it comes to dealing with new customers and vendors. You can find them on Trade India but you often don't know whether the company actually exists or if its a random middleman who's popped up with manufacturer contacts. This is especially prevalent in the textile industry which has many different layers. Sajal wants to create some kind of social media or marketplace model which can help create a database of trusted SME's with the information displayed on the platform that is needed to build trust.
  2. Creating Bronze Busts of Ratan Tata: Inspired by Berkshire Nerds which is a simple store that has bronze busts of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger. This could be done for other leaders in India who've achieved cult like status such as Ratan Tata, Narendra Modi, Aamir Khan, Sachin Tendulkar or more. 
  3. Food Business Called 50/50: Restaurants are either healthy or unhealthy with very few mixing both the concepts in one location. Sajal's idea is to have a food cart with both healthy and unhealthy options in one place so that friends can enjoy it together. This cart could also keep a track of people's behaviour and if they've eaten well for a long period of them - they could then be incentivised to eat unhealthy with a coupon. Sajal's long term goal is to automate these carts so that they could roam around business areas by themselves and cook and serve people healthy/unhealthy food.
  4. Course Clubs as replacements for Book Clubs: Cohort Based Courses or other online courses are replacing books as the primary place for people to learn new skills. This is especially true for high performing individuals, entrepreneurs and freelancers who are constantly trying to upskill themselves and reach the next level of productivity.