Business Ideas: No Code, Virtual Exhibitions, Lawyer/CA Directory, Building Niche Websites

Business Munchies is an exploration of business ideas and how they can be leveraged in order to build new businesses or scale up existing businesses. This week, we had an interesting line up of strange ideas, we hope you like them!

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Business Ideas Discussed on this Episode:

  1. No Code: Inspired by our own newsletter about No Code - we discuss the opportunities that exist for entrepreneurs to build businesses using No Code tools like Webflow, Softr, Bubble & more. These include building ecommerce stores using Shopify, creating templates for Webflow, building affiliate websites to generate traffic, diverting your instagram followers to or to create communities. Finally, tools like Zapier and other no code ERP software like Grid will help small manufacturing units digitise themselves. 
  2. Shopify Growth: Shopify grew 2x in 2020 - that means that the Total Addressable Market (TAM) for Shopify apps has also grown by 2x. There are still a lot of opportunities for people to build Micro SaaS apps in this field. 
  3. Virtual Exhibitions: Since the onset of the pandemic, Virtual Exhibitions have really taken off but we have never seen a good virtual exhibition platform. Opportunities in Virtual Exhibitions include niche virtual exhibition software (example: engineering exhibitions with CAD drawing capabilities) or creating phygital solutions that will allow a physical and digital mix once physical exhibitions reopen. 
  4. Lawyer/CA/Agencies Directory: Lawyers, CA's and other professionals are often recommended from people's network. But, just how Practo created a directory of Doctors, why can't the same thing be done for Lawyers and CA's? These professionals are a heterogeneous bunch - is there a way to build trust across a large range of lawyers? Perhaps private communities may be a way to solve this issue but only for a private bunch of people. 
  5. Building Niche Websites: We absolutely love niches on this show and this Tweet thread was a great example of that. John Speed built more than 100 websites for paint stores during the lockdown. He contacted more than 700 paint stores to get these 100 clients but he made significant revenues by focusing on a niche and really executing.