Union Budget 2021 Special with Sarthak Ahuja - What's the Intent & Where are the Opportunities?

We hit 50 Episodes last week! (We didn't even realize!). Consider this as the 50th Episode Special: Our take on The 2021 Union Budget.

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The Direction of Budget 2021

At The Indian Dream, our goal is create a community of knowledge seeking founders who are looking to build Profitable Businesses. A big part of building these businesses is being aware of the direction the government is focusing on. It always helps to be building in industries that the government is focusing on. Consider the example of Baddi and the Pharma boom that happened there. By understanding the governments future plans and intentions, you can start executing for the future and get help from Tailwinds. That's the lens we used to make sense of the Union Budget. We host Sarthak Ahuja (ISB Alumni, CA, CS and more!) on the Podcast to make sense of the budget. 

Our focus is Businesses & Startups, but we covered other sections such as Infrastructure as it has significant downstream impacts.

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This by no means is a complete in-depth review of the Budget, we'll be honest, it's a lot of information to put in 40 minutes, but the intent is to show that there is merit in trying to go deeper and understanding the budget to spot upcoming opportunities in sectors that might be relevant to you. We've covered the ones that have the most impact and some extremely unique ones too. Goa's having a party and Tamil Nadu is becoming a Sushi State. Have I stopped making sense? Go checkout the podcast, you'll know what I'm talking about. 

This was our first topical podcast, do tell us what we could've done better :) Email us here. 

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