The Plant Based Meat Industry in India ft. Varun Deshpande & Nicole Rocque - Good Food Institute

We host Varun Deshpande and Nicole Rocque from Good Food Institute (GFI) to talk about the Plant Based Meat sector in India.

You can get more information from our Newsletter about Plant Based Meat.

GFI also has amazing resources for plant based entrepreneurs on their website.

Plant Based Meat products are made out of processing Plants in a way that it resembles the taste, texture and nutrition of real meats. Animal Meat has significant environmental impact and is a big contributor for Climate Change. These products are highly inefficient - 9 calories of food fed to a chicken gets 1 calorie back out in the form of animal flesh, the ratio is 34:1 in the case of beef!

Then there's the health impact of these Animal Meats on Humans. Zootonic diseases like Covid, Avian flu originate from people consuming animal Meat.

Plant Based Meats provide a healthier alternative - both for the environment and humans. Research has been going on for more than a decade around processing plants in a certain way to create products that resemble Animal Meats.

We're seeing a rise of startups in this space creating interesting products for the Indian preferences. One common thread behind all these startups in India is the work that GFI is doing in enabling them and giving them a platform.

We speak to Varun and Nicole about the Business, Science & Policy around Plant Based Meat in India.