Small Business Ideas in India: The Indian Toy Industry, Gaming Industry and the future of WhatsApp Commerce & Bots


Welcome to another episode of Business Munchies at The Indian Dream. We explore different business ideas on this segment of our podcast.

We had a friend of the show with us on this episode: Animish Gadve from The Wandering Band, an indie video game publisher. Having worked with Zynga games & EA in the past - Animish was able to provide us with a lot of insights into how the gaming industry is shaping up in India and what opportunities still exist for people looking to enter.

Animish also gave us two Promo Codes for his game, Airborne Kingdom, on the Epic Game Store. You can get it for Free!

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Business Ideas Discussed on this Episode:
1) The Toy Industry in India

2) The Gaming Industry in India
3) WhatsApp Privacy changes & its implications for Commerce & Micro-SaaS
4) The model of an NGO running a business (Wikipedia, Bosch, Signal, etc.)