The Entrepreneurship Rollercoaster with Sajid Chogule

In our 9th episode, we speak to Sajid Chougle, Co-founder at Last Bench & Luma World.

In 2012, after leaving a high paying job in the US, Sajid moved back to India to pursue the route of entrepreneurship. He Co-Founded Last Bench to help the college graduates become job ready. As they iterated on business models, Sajid started creating educational content for corporates to bring in the revenue. After not seeing the scale that they would've ideally liked with Last Bench, they decided to close doors and move on to the next chapter. He's currently the Co-Founder at Luma World where they make educational board games for kids.

We talk to Sajid about Risk taking, Content Creation and also the toll of entrepreneurship on your Mental Health. Sajid is also the first and the only base jumper in India and shares a fascinating story around the time when he was getting into the sport.

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