Scaling Up a Digital Marketing Agency - Himanshu Arora from Social Panga

In this episode we have Himanshu Arora from Social Panga which is a 360 degree Digital Marketing Agency. The pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of traditional brands and has led to the growth of many D2C brands. All of us are now our own tiny digital marketing agencies, trying to build either our company or personal brands in the new digital world – just like us with this podcast.

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Building a Digital Marketing Agency

In this context, understanding the functioning of a digital marketing agency and how social panga was scaled up was an enlightening discussion. In the last 10 years, starting a digital marketing agency has almost become a cliché. However, Himanshu and his Co founder Gaurav, focused on hiring and training the best people to differentiate themselves. The team is the essence of any successful service based industry and thus we talk to Himanshu in detail about his hiring practices and how he builds a culture of excellence. All of this focus on hiring and cultural fitment has led to Social Panga scale up extraordinarily fast in the 6 years since their founding led by customer satisfaction and thus strong referrals. 

In this episode, we scratch the surface of digital marketing and we're going to go deeper into digital marketing for Direct to Consumer brands in a future episode with Himanshu.