Scaling & Selling a 100 Cr Packaging Manufacturing Business in 10 Years - Creative Stylopack


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In this episode, we talk to two brothers about their journey of setting up and selling a packaging manufacturing business in 10 years. We discuss Market Research, Positioning, and Customer Centricity as it pertains to a Manufacturing Business. This episode is relevant for folks who have interest in Packaging as a product and/or run manufacturing businesses.

Creative Stylopack Acquired by Essel Pro Pack - News Article

The Story of Creative Stylopack

We have a story of two brothers who scaled a packaging manufacturing business to close to ~100 Cr in Revenue in 8 years by focusing on niches. Bhavik, and Darshan started out their journey by setting up Creative Stylopack - a corrugated box manufacturing plant - as an extension to their family business in 2008-09. However, early on, they realized the importance of being ahead of the competition in terms of technology as well identifying and serving the niches. Their market research and the curiousity to find new niche products led them to a trade show in Germany which eventually led them to set up a Tube Manufacturing unit. These are tubes that are used for medicines as well as personal care products. They took a contrarian bet and invested in the significantly more expensive european machinery rather than the chinese machinery. This bet would prove to be pivotal in them finding marquee clients and scaling the business.

The reason I wanted to speak to them is because one of our listeners shared the news of Creative Stylopack being acquired by a publicly listed Packaging Manufacturer called EPL. It was great to see M&A activity in the SME Manufacturing space and we immediately reached out to Bhavik and Darshan to talk about their journey.