Business Munchies: Vacation Homes, Communities, Acquiring Small Online Business

This episode is a pure exploration of business ideas.

At The Indian Dream we have a dozen ideas that we discuss everyday but are not able to share with our listeners. This episode is an experiment that we've been planning for months. The idea really took off a few weeks ago when Sahil and Siddharth met up with Saransh in Goa. We started bouncing ideas off each other and realised that it would be great to record this and share with our listeners.

Business Opportunities We Explore:

1) Leasing/Buying Vacation Homes and renting them out on AirBnB, Saffron Stays, etc.
2) Co-working 2.0 for remote workers combining long stay rentals along with a connected co-working space.
3) Turning online communities into physical communities in vacation hotspots or Tier 2 cities.
4) Community Building for brands on websites such as
5) Software products for Sport Teams for Scout Management and recognition of young talent.
6) Software for Fund Managers to rank companies based on Environmental, Social or Governance metrics.
7) Online Marketplace for Buying/Selling Small Online Businesses - Micro Acquire