Micro-SaaS Playbook to Build a $1 Million Annual Revenue Business

In this episode, we go deep into a 20 point Micro-SaaS Playbook created by Gaurav Sharma from Justcall on how to identify and build a $1 million revenue Micro-SaaS Business.

Gaurav's 20 Step Playbook
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We're going to explore this upcoming trend of Micro-SaaS and talk to a few people who've built Micro-SaaS businesses. What is Micro-SaaS you ask? SaaS is a business that Sells Software as a Service and follows a subscription business model to accrue recurring revenue. Over the last 10-15 years, we've seen some huge organizations being built in the SaaS Industry. Salesforce.com, Hubspot, in the US, Freshdesk, Zoho in India are all examples of giant SaaS companies with revenues in 100s of Millions of dollars and in some cases, even Billions.

Micro-SaaS on the other hand is about focusing on a niche and building a software to serve their needs. A small addressable market that has enough opportunities for you to build a high margin, low capital investment business . To know more about Micro-SaaS, checkout our Trends Newsletter. Over the couple of years, entrepreneurs across the globe have built Micro-SaaS businesses with revenues in Millions of Dollars. We have a story of someone who did just that sitting out of India.

This is a two part of episode. In the first part we covered Gaurav's journey so far and how he built JustCall. In this part, we go deep into the 20 point Micro-SaaS Playbook that Gaurav has created.

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