How do I Scale Up? Growing a Manufacturing Business by 7x in 7 Years with Dilip Jain

Starting with Corporate Life

Today, we uncover the entrepreneurial journey of Dilip Jain who has spent his life making, mastering, and mattering. As the first CA and MBA from his family, it was expected that Dilip would take up a big corporate job and thus his journey started at Marico. He worked with Voltas (Tata Group) for 7 years in senior management roles handling corporate strategy & planning, performance review, finance & procurement, M&A’s, etc. During this period the goal was to turn Voltas into a 10,000 crore company in ten yrs.

Helping a Family Business Achieve Scale

Thereafter he joined a family business (Gujarat Infrapipes) and was instrumental in its 7 fold growth in 7 years to Revenue of over Rs. 120 cr & number 1 position in the industry. The first three years they focused on optimisation of their existing value, and over the next four years they worked on expanding that value.

How to find focus in Business?

Dillip’s understanding of how to build a good business allowed him to maintain a long term focus and not get swayed by short term revenue driven decision making. Additionally, he thinks it’s vital to have your cash cow settled before you begin to experiment. In parallel, he co-founded a real estate company (Aventus Estate) in JV with a PE fund for developing industrial parks and as it’s CEO completed 150 acres of projects worth Rs. 200 cr. He was not self limited by the lack of personal revenue and negotiated between the government, farmers, and pe funds to set it up.

The 3E's of Dilip Jain

Dilip’s current work can be summarized in 3E’s – Entrepreneurship (dJED Consulting & Coaching), Education (Me2 Kids Club) and Environment (Vanvadi Forest). The common thread between all the three E’s is that all these projects add value through the method of learning, teaching, and evolving ourselves. Dilip’s values are the key to his ability of growing in fields that on the surface seem unrelated to each other.

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