Taking Ayurveda 2.0 to the US - Shaz & Kiks

Today's episode is part of a series about the resurgence of Ayurvedic brands over the last few years. Because of a host of reasons including increased focus on preventive medicine and Wellness, rising incomes in India and new models such as direct to consumer, the way that ayurveda has been experienced for thousands of years is suddenly changing. You can read our report for a detailed explanation on the changes and the opportunities that lie within.

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In this episode we speak to Kiku choudhary  who is the founder of Shaz & Kiks, an Ayurvedic hair care company in the US. Some of you may be thinking, “Why is a podcast called the Indian dream interviewing a founder in the US?” The answer is quite simple we believe that the opportunity to build an Ayurvedic brand in the US or other Western countries is immense. Or just simply exporting Ayurvedic products. 

What we want our listeners to take away from this conversation is that attitudes towards ayurveda are changing all over the world and that they should not restrict themselves to India when they think about opportunities in Ayurveda. 

Our conversation with Kiku is wide ranging - extending from her initial ideation, the changing attitudes and  to the supply chain issues that she faced while trying to source raw ingredients. Towards the end, Kiku also provides some fantastic ideas on opportunities that exist in the Ayurvedic space in the US. One thing that really surprised me was the popularity of these Ayurvedic hair care products with people with Afros. It just goes to show that the appeal of Ayurveda and the market size is much bigger than we might have imagined.