Business Trends - Electric Vehicles - Sachin Seth, New Mobility Expert & author of Car Talk

Today's episode is part of a series about New Mobility which includes self driving cars, car sharing , Internet connected cars and obviously the always talked about Electric Vehicles.

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Car Talk Issue where Sachin talks about a new form of Car Ownership - Highly recommended reading.

The Future of Electric Vehicles in India is Bright

When you think about the future of cars what's the first company that comes to mind? Tesla right? it was the same thought process for us and thus when we started researching the topic we reached out to Sachin Seth, an expert on New Mobility who also works at Tesla. Sachin is the Finance manager for model S and model x, the finance manager for the new factory in China and much much more at Tesla. Sachin has an MBA from the Wharton School of Management and a PhD in electrical engineering - giving him insights into both the financial and product side of the new mobility revolution.

Primer to Understand New Mobility

You can take this episode as a primer for understanding new mobility. We discuss the state of technology of the various parts of new mobility, and the opportunities that lie within the space both in India and abroad.  Sachin is able to understand the direction of the industry in the US and articulate how it will eventually affect India as well. we are still far behind Western countries and China on adoption and development off new mobility technology but we can look at these other markets as a guide for the possible direction of Indian electric vehicles and other technology. obviously India is a unique market and our own dynamics will dictate its evolution - for example electric adoption in India is most likely going to be led by 2 and 3 Wheelers where Bajaj may face a big challenge to its dominance.

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