Business Trends: D2C Marketing Playbook with Himanshu Arora

In today's episode we have Himanshu Arora from Social Panga again bringing us a D2C Marketing Playbook. We promised in our last episode with Himanshu that we would go deep into the digital marketing aspects of Direct to Consumer (D2C) brands  and that's exactly what we do today.

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The Foundations of Direct to Consumer (D2C) Marketing

In this episode we discuss various parts of Direct to Consumer (D2C) digital marketing  that are being used by all the biggest modern brands such as Mama Earth, Yoga Bar and others. We start by talking about the foundations of marketing and brand building for online for brands and how consumer loyalty is the key to long term success. One of the themes that we've been speaking about for several episodes is about the importance of community building for any modern brand - this is the essence of building customer loyalty. 

Deeper Insights on Performance Marketing

With Himanshu we also go deeper into the metrics that define success for performance marketing performance marketing, how we can think about organising our influencer marketing campaigns and several other topics. if you are thinking of building, or already have, a DTC brand then you should not miss this episode. 

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