Business Trends: Building a Community for 10k Designers - Abhinav Chhikara

Welcome to the 2nd episode of TID Trends - we look at trends that are going to explode in the next 3 to 5 years.

For our second topic we look at Audience-first Products where an entrepreneur first builds an audience or community and then builds a product around the community. You can read our detailed report here.

Building a Community Before Building Your Business

In this episode we interview Abhinav Chhikara, the founder of 10K Designers, a 12 week UI/UX Course. In his journey to founding 10k Designers, Abhinav first spent about 1.5 years building a community of people interested in UI/UX design while he was working as the Head of Design at Unacademy. Building the community was not easy and we speak in detail about Abhinav's own learnings through this process - how should you engage with the people in your WhatsApp group? What is the best platform to build a community?

Making a UI/UX Course

After building this community, Abhinav iterated on product development but eventually realised that he could build a UI/UX course. So he did that and it was wildly successful - he is now in his second cohort with more than 30 people in each.

Abhinav comes from a strong background in both community and product building and therefore he's able to layout his entire thought process in detail. Do listen to the episode and if you have any questions a please join our WhatsApp community where we discuss the trends we're going to look at look at drafts of reports and and answer any questions.

Audience-First Products Report

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