Business Trends: Ayurveda 2.0 - Arjun Vaidya from Dr. Vaidya's

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In this episode, we discuss the Ayurveda 2.0 Trend. We speak to Arjun about his journey building Dr. Vaidya's, the role of the government in promoting Ayurveda and the business opportunities that exist in this space.

Building Dr. Vaidya's

Arjun Vaidya started Dr. Vaidya's in 2017, with the goal of taking his family's long history with Ayurveda and bring it to the modern consumer. Arjun's great grand father and grand father practiced Ayurvedic medicine out of a small clinic in Mumbai. Over the years, their deep research into Ayurvedic Medicine resulted in proprietary formulations that are now being packaged and marketed to the modern consumer. Dr. Vaidya's has 50+ SKUs across the Ayurvedic Medicines & over the counter products for things arthritis, diabetes, weight reduction etc.

Ayurveda to Ayurveda 2.0

To be honest, it was only after talking to Arjun we coined the term Ayurveda 2.0. Because the science behind it has always existed and what we're seeing now is the modernisation of it. As we already established in the last two episodes with Kiku and Stuti, there's a greater awareness amongst the modern consumer about wellness. Make it natural and organic, and have you a large enough audience who cares about this to build a sustainable business. Ayurveda has a chance to corner some of this wellness market, not just in India, but globally. Dr. Vaidya's is trying to do just that.