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In this episode, we're covering Ayurveda 2.0 wherein we're seeing the modernization of a 5000 year Tradition. Here's the newsletter

The Transformation of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is going through some very interesting times. The current government has been very bullish on Ayurveda, and has also setup the Ministry of AYUSH to promote Ayurveda and other forms of natural and holistic treatment. While this has happened in the last few years, Covid-19 is the black swan event that's pushed Ayurveda's popularity significantly.

Building Amrutam

To understand what's happening in the Ayurveda space, we caught up with Stuti of Amrutam. Amrutam Pharmaceuticals was started in 2006, by Mr. Ashok Gupta. He worked with a few Ayurvedic companies before setting up his own distribution business for Herbal Products. Realising that these so called herbal products barely had any herbal ingredients and were rather full with chemicals and preservatives, he took matter in his own hand and started experimenting different types of products.

Building a Community of Ayurveda

Malts, also Called Avales, focused on better health were his first set of products. Since then, he expanded into other products for brain, immunity, and other general well being products. In 2017, Stuti and her brother, Agnim, joined the business and made it into a D2C Brand with their online presence and expanded into other product lines like Personal Care and lifestyle products. They've built a community of about 1L people across the globe and are currently retailing across India.

The Future of Ayurveda in India

In this episode, we talk to Stuti about the current status of the Ayurveda Industry and the various business opportunities that exist. We also discuss about Amrutam's Community and their recent launch of the consultation platform, Check out their products at

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