Business Munchies: Swiggy + Tinder, Memes as a Service, AI Personal Stylists ft. Dine with Data

Sahil (@sahil071) & Siddharth (@sidbetala) hang out with the folks from Dine With Data, Vedika & Armaan, to discuss some great new ideas that we wouldn't have thought up on our own.

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(00:00) - Introduction

(00:33) - Swiggy + Tinder

(08:07) - Personal Stylists

(20:19) - "Vibe Curation" - Service business to make your cafe more instagrammable

(27:15) - Micro Private Equity

(37:45) - Memes as a Service

The Business Ideas we discussed

  1. Swiggy + Tinder - Ordering on food delivery apps these days is a chore - the Paradox of Choice makes it so difficult to choose a restaurant or an item, especially when you're in a group setting. The idea is to make Tinder like tiles where people can just swipe right or left on pictures of food that they find attractive or unattractive. If you're not able to get API access from Swiggy or Zomato - you can create a UI layer getting data from other sources and then linking the backend to Dunzo. 
  2. Tinder + Swiggy - Swiggy has so much data on our eating habits - why not make a dating service which uses this data on eating habits to make predictions on possible matches?
  3. AI Personal Stylists - Today, only the rich and famous can afford personal stylists - why can't we democratise this service? You can build an AI powered recommendation engine which looks at your closet of clothes and makes recommendations on clothes matches that you would've otherwise never thought of. This plays into the same long tail game that Netflix uses to always keep content fresh. 
  • You could also build this as a B2B service which integrates with existing ecommerce store and makes it easier for them to recommend clothing to existing customers based on past buying trends. 
  • A Lenskart like model which scans your body would be able to show you how different clothes would fit your body and give you exact size recommendations as well. 
  1. "Vibe Curation" - Whether we like it or, the Instagrammability of cafĂ©'s & restaurants determines their success these days. You can build a service which helps make the physical spaces and the individual dishes more instagrammable to drive the social virality of the space. It could even be a monthly subscription where the decor is changed each month. 
  2. Micro Private Equity - A new movement led by companies like and Tiny Capital where you build a portfolio of small internet business - SaaS products, Amazon FBA, DTC brands - in a particular niche and use economies of scale on marketing knowledge, etc. to help scale up your portfolio. 
  3. Memes as a Service - Inspired by a listener building Marque Berry (the website is incomplete). He has built a Meme Influencer marketing business where he'll help you make your product 'viral' on various instgram meme pages. A great marketing tool for D2C brands & anyone who's looking to reach Gen Z audiences. Send me a mail if you want to talk to him.