Small Business Ideas in India: Clout Kitchens, Legal Micro SaaS & more!

Business Munchies is an exploration of small business ideas in India and how they can be leveraged in order to build new businesses or scale up existing businesses.

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This week, we had an interesting line up of strange ideas, we hope you like them!

1. Clout Kitchens: Mr. Beast Burgers launched in 300 locations across the US in a single day. Why can't the same thing be done in India? Create a brand of Biryani around SRK or Salman Khan and give them equity. HRX and Wrogn have already done this with apparel and it's easier than ever to do this with food.

2. Virtual influencers: Lil Miquela is not a real person but this virtual persona brings in $12 million in revenue every year. There's no one doing this on a large scale in India. You can also do this for different niches: music, sports, fashion, etc. and use build economies of scale in design/animation, cross promotion, etc.

3. High End Ice: Where does the ice in your fancy whiskey come from? You have no idea, nor do I. I think there's a play to build a high end ice brand bringing assurance of high quality ice to people through a consumer campaign on social media. The main means of distribution would be bars and restaurants. In general, consolidating a disaggregated market can be a large potential business.

4. Cohort Based Learning

5. Transparent Pricing with Car insurance: MetroMile and the Good Better Best Newsletter

6. Jewellery Insurance

7. Legal Micro SaaS - A micro-SaaS business that helps take away the hassle of super basic and standardised legal documents such as NDA's, Lease Agreements, etc. so that you can just focus on the important parts of running your business. Example: The Legal Capsule