Business Munchies: Hacker House, Airbnb for Digital Nomads, Global Media House ft. Saurav Arya

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We're joined by a special guest today, Saurav Arya. Saurav is the founder of Small World, WorkStays and Impressive Infographics. He's a digital nomad and has travelled to 90+ Countries.


(0:35) - Hacker House in Tier II/III Cities

(12:00) - Airbnb for services targeted towards Digital Nomads

(20:45) - Building Global Media Properties out of India

(28:00) - A Service to Settle in a new city

Business Ideas:

Hacker House in Tier II/III Cities: There is a lot of untapped potential in Tier II/III cities of India. Often, the young kids don't get the same opportunities and exposure due to limited resources. What if you could setup Hacker House where you bring talented folks, teach them necessary skills and give them a platform to participate in Gig/Creator economy. This could be applied to Gaming, Content, Coding and various other skills. The way to make money would be take a certain share of the earnings they make once they are trained (Income Share Agreements) and ready to monetize their skills. The Soul Gaming Clan has done this with a Gaming house. Check it out.

Airbnb for Digital Nomads: The Pandemic has resulted in the rise of Digital Nomads, people who work remotely and travel. These people generally stay in one location for a few weeks/months and then move to another place. They have specific requirements in terms of Internet speeds, Cafes in walking distance, Gym etc. What if you build a curation service where you list out these places basis crowdsourcing this information from other digital nomads.

Building Global Media Properties out of India: India has all the resources and Infrastructure to become a global media hub. We have the talent to create content, animators, and a large section of English speaking population that could be leveraged to build Global Media Properties. If American Media is about Glitzy Shit, what if India could be about Aspirational content that is relatable to other developing countries? Around uplifting sections of society, career progression, entrepreneurial ecosystems etc.

Service to settle in a new city: Relocating to new cities is hard. It's hard to meet the right set of folks, understand how the city functions, and can be a difficult experience overall. What if you had a service where you could have an assigned person helping you settle into a new city. A website where you can choose the right person basis their profile and interests. This could be a way for Airbnb Hosts or Couch surfers to earn additional revenue while a great way for new people to settle in a new city.