Business Ideas: AI Writing Tools, Productizing Services, Luxury D2C Fruit Brand

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As always, Business Munchies is an exploration of business ideas and how they can be leveraged in order to build new businesses or scale up existing businesses. This week, we had an interesting line up of strange ideas, we hope you like them!

Business Ideas Discussed on this Episode:

1) AI Powered Writing Tools

There are many websites already doing this like & Nichness and many other services. However, this is a very new field and we believe that there are still a lot of use cases for which you can build companies. For example, can you build content writing for different geographies or different industrial niches. 


2) Productizing Your Services

Are you already selling a service like graphic design or coding or some other kind of consulting service? Can you convert this service into a product of some kind? For example, graphic designers can make different designs and sell t-shirts/mugs/posters, etc.. A personal finance coach could make a paid online or in person course that they then sell as a product.


3) Luxury Direct to Consumer Fruit Brand

Build a luxury brand that gets you the freshest fruit from different corners of the country only when they are the ripest. This idea would require you to build the supply chains very slowly because agri products have very difficult supply chains. Maybe you can start with one product like fresh Apricots or Mangoes and build up a customer base who you can then sell the next fruit when it is in season.


4) STEM Toys for Parents & Kids

Sell STEM based toys for kids to learn more about science and technology. 


5) Content Website Business

This is for people who at least understand the basics for SEO. Use tools like Ahrefs or Ubersuggest or any other keyword research tools and figure out high frequency, low search difficulty keywords where you can create significant content. For example, all the keywords associated with Shopify are very high volume but have significantly lower search difficulty.