Building Webdunia, India's First Vernacular Platform ft. Vinay Chhajlani

In this episode, we talk to Vinay Chhajlani about his 3 decade long journey as an Entrepreneur building multiple profitable businesses. 

We talk to him about the following businesses: 

1. Webdunia - India's first Vernacular platform with products and services in Hindi and other regional languages. They were the creators of World's first Hindi Email Service and went on to raise VC funding back in 1999. Post the dot com bubble, they pivoted to being a services company and served the likes of Reliance to build a profitable businesses. 

2. Naidunia - The Newspaper publishing business that he took over and turned around after it was struggling in mid 2000's. He scaled it to multiple cities and states and eventually had a successful exit. 

3. Other Ventures - Cable television, Jewelery E-com, and Convention Center. All of this didn't turn out to be successful and we talk to him about his learnings from these businesses. 

We also talk about the principles/values that he has used across these businesses, the role of spirituality in business, and how has he navigated his son's introduction in the family business, given the challenges that he faced when he entered the family business back in late 80's.