Business Munchies #5: Building Wealth Using a Portfolio of bets, IoT & Wearables Manufacturing, Fire Safety Equipment


Welcome to the 5th episode of Business Munchies. This will now be a regular segment of The Indian Dream show with Sahil and I hosting the show with other guests (friends of the show).

If you're not familiar with our Business Munchies episodes, I'd urge you to start with the first one 4 weeks ago. We continue a few discussions from the previous episodes.

This Week's Topics

1) Building a portfolio of bets

2) Update on the E-Com business in US that we are trying to acquire
3) IoT and Wearables Manufacturing in India
4) Fire Safety Equipment
5) Competing with Amazon in the Retail Market

If you're keen on coming on as a friend of the show, we would love to talk to you and see if we can make something happen. We love geeking out with people on different trends, ideas and industries. Text us here

With all that said, Execution > Idea :)