Building a World Class B2B Digital Marketing Agency from India - Jatin Modi from FrogIdeas [Founder Journey]

Jatin Modi, a serial entrepreneur whose latest venture FrogIdeas is one of the leading B2 B marketing companies in the world with world class clients such as Tata communications, SAP, HCL and many more. 

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Jatin Modi

Our conversation with Jatin starts in his college hostel where he starts his first venture. after that he tries many ventures before starting, one of India's first ecommerce companies which was eventually sold to healthkart. after playing a pivotal, another ecommerce player, Jatin was an early entrant into the space of digital marketing - so early that even his family couldn't believe his career choice. Now, FrogIdeas is India's first and only LinkedIn creative partner out of only 7 globally. 

Two things to watch out for in this episode: 

Firstly, Jatin’s vision of where B2B Marketing & Enterprise Sales are heading in the next few years – this is important for anyone who works in or is looking to get into a B2B enterprise. 

Secondly, Jatin describes his experience while working at the venture funded and the troubles that sometimes come with taking VC money.

We hope you enjoy the episode!