Building a Personal Care Brand - Kimirica - Founders' Journey

Two brothers, Mohit & Rajat had the vision to create a consumer brand. However, they didn't have the required financing to invest in marketing and distribution that a retail brand requires. 

Market Research & Finding The Opportunity

Not ones to give up, they chanced upon an exciting prospect. They realised a lot of up market hotels and resorts were still relying on unbranded and undifferentiated toiletries for their rooms. If you have any memories of traveling to these hotels in India, you'd recall a transparent bottle with Shampoo/Shower gel written on it. They realised this was a business they could potentially start with minimal capital investment. Rajat and Mohit spent months understanding the supply chain and the customer needs. They realised 70% of the products sold to these hotels were actually being exported from China. These products didn't really have any customization either. That's the unique insight that Kimirica was built on. 

Building Kimirica

They created a line of products like Shower Gel, Shampoos, Face Wash etc for the hotels. They started small by supplying a 3 star hotel in Indore and eventually through organic growth started selling to Marriots and Starwood's. And not just in India, they started exporting to Maldives, Dubai, and other countries! They've had a fascinating journey of scaling by focusing on research&devlopment, personalization of products to their customer's needs, and design. They also made early bets on technology to streamline operations and used business integrity as the foundation of running Kimrica. This is also a story close to my heart because this has been created in Indore— the city I grew up in. 

Increasing Distribution

They were able to make a worldwide impact with their products when Starwood hotels asked their global suppliers to meet with Kimirica. This partnership eventually turned into a strategic Investment from Hunter International (a global brand from Canada) to form Kimirica Hunter. You can also buy their fantastic products directly on

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