Building a New Age Financial Services Firm - Amit Jeswani -Stallion Asset

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The Community Around Stallion Assets

Today, we uncover the journey of Stallion Asset with the founder and CIO Amit Jeswani. Stallion was started by Amit in 2015 as one of India's SEBI Registered First Equity Research Analyst (INH000007270). From acquiring users through Quora to building a version of Quora for his customers, Amit's had a unique point of view on customer acquisition and building community around Stallion.

Starting a Portfolio Management Service

In 2018, Amit decided to start his own Portfolio Management Service (PMS) (INP000006129) after he realized about scalability challenges with the Research Analyst arm of Stallion. This time, he leveraged Traditional Media to build an outreach for his customers. All this while, delivering benchmark beating performance.

Listen to this episode to learn about how Amit built two profitable businesses in the Financial Services Domain in the last 5 years.

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