Building a Global SaaS Business out of India - Paresh Parihar - Qtech Software

How do you build software in India and sell it to the world, while being bootstrapped?

Building a SaaS product for the World

Today, we uncover the journey of Qtech Software with the founder and MD Paresh Parihar. Qtech Software is a travel tech business which started out as Software Services and eventually identified a niche where they built a product. Over the last 15 years, they have on-boarded customers across 28 different countries and most of these have been acquired through referrals. That's the beauty of developing a product for a niche! Niche SaaS products are truly the mecca of bootstrapped businesses.

We speak at length with Paresh on how he identified this opportunity, how he scaled it across the globe and his plans for the future.

Listen to this episode to learn about Qtech Software in the last 15 years and where they plan to go in the future.

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