Building a $300k Amazon FBA Business, Amazon FBA Playbook - Rishiraj from Republic of Sellers

Earn in Dollars, spend in Rupees. That's one way to build a bootstrapped, profitable business. Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon Program) is a great way to target the global consumer. We talk to Rishiraj about building his Amazon FBA business, the playbook and what is he planning next.

Republic of Sellers

The Global E-Comm Marketplace

The global e-comm marketplaces coupled with digital marketing reach have enabled Indian businesses to target their products to the global customer base. It presents a great opportunity for people to build profitable businesses. Manufacturers can look at selling their products in various countries via platforms like Amazon, Etsy, Alibaba. Individuals who can figure out market gaps can contract manufacture these products and sell to the global markets.

Building an Amazon FBA Business

And our guest today has been on the journey to figure exactly this out. Rishiraj started his entrepreneurial journey back when he was in his college, BITS Dubai. Rishiraj started a drop-shipping business leveraging his college friend's manufacturing business in Indore. They had multiple SKUs in the Bedding category with products like bedsheets, bedskirts, bed covers etc. After tinkering with Amazon listings and learning about how it works, in 6-7 months he was able to figure out how to make Rs. 50k in profits every month without spending too much time on the operations of it. Eventually, as competition grew and sellers started hijacking the listing, a common Amazon seller issue, Rishiraj decided to focus on his Product Management career and close the listings. He would go on to work as a PM at startups like 1Mg, Online Tyari for a couple of years. One fine day, on his vacation back home, he had the realisation that the money he was making compared to the effort he put in was actually lesser compared to his dropshipping business. And if he put similar kind of effort on the ecommerce side, maybe he'd fetch returns. And he decided to take the plunge once again and focus on this full-time. 

We talk to Rish about building an Amazon FBA business, the learnings, the challenges and the profits that he made along the way. He also runs a community called Republic of Sellers where he posts content about how to build an Amazon FBA business.We discuss the playbook for Amazon FBA businesses.