Business Munchies: Brand Licensing, High Margin Businesses, IPL Trading Cards


Happy New Year Y'all! Thank you for supporting us and allowing us the room to experiment with different content styles around profitable businesses in India.

Business Munchies (yet to finalize the name) is now going to become a more formal part of the content that we create. New Business Ideas, across industries depending on the emerging trends. The idea is to look at the business ideas as an optimist and see how to make it work. Most of our ideas will probably be bad, but we are sharing a point of view on what the future could look like if these businesses work out. And it's fun developing this point of view and finding some interesting things along the way.

Sahil and I are on a journey to figure out how to build profitable businesses in today's business health and geo-political environment. We are open-sourcing our learning journey through this series. We are really excited for 2021, and while 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, we're still grateful to have to to the opportunity to build The Indian Dream.

And drop us a text us here to tell us what you think about the content - we'd love to talk to you and get to know your expectations better. We're still figuring out how to build The Indian Dream and all kinds of discussion and feedback goes a long way to help us think through this. So we'd love to talk :)

Business Opportunities We Explore This Week

1) Update on E-Com Acquisition
2) Brand Licensing for SMEs
2) High Margin Businesses 
3) IPL Trading Cards
4) India's Miniso/Daiso/Mumuso